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My Mom, The Kitchen and My Journey

How the Journey Began

Vivian Hajjar, Venezuelan, winner of several international awards, began her gastronomy journey at the tender age of 8. She habitually rounded the kitchen prying into her mom’s chores; preparing lunch, snacks, desserts and especially when baking cookies! This was a magical moment for her, as the captivating smells and mouthwatering flavors, combined with the love of her mother, flourished the little cookie monster she eventually became.

Her mom’s passion for cooking the best meals, rich in flavor and zest, nurtured Vivian’s never-ending quest of reading and practicing new methods and techniques to perfect her beloved cookies. However, it wasn’t until a few years later when she realized how people reacted towards her cookies and how they smiled and complemented her on such delicious treats that she decided  to embark on the journey to make the best cookies she could ever muster - all whilst making people grin in delight!

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